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We are going to utilize yellow slippers to stay consistent with the “banding with color “initiative in Pa.

Eileen E. Jaskuta
Vice President Nursing and Quality
Mercy Suburban Hospital

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Although there is no evidence in the literature for the use of red slippers, a few of our northern California facilities use red, nonskid slipper-socks for patients "at risk" for falls. They are easier to spot than an armband. If left on when the patient is in bed, the red foot on or over the siderail provides a "red flag" to anyone passing the patient's room. Red slippers as an indicator of falls risk is easy for ancillary/support departments to remember because the visual reminder is on the patient & on an area of the body that is not readily covered by robes & blankets. Wrist bands & labels on charts are more easily overlooked.

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