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3. trocar.jpg Puncture protection

linetracinglabels3.jpgIV line tracing labels
Colorsafe.jpgColorSafe IV Lines
BeataClasp.jpgBedside tube and wire organizer
oral_care_kit2.jpgOral Hygiene Kit
CRRT_machine.JPG Don't push the "bad buttons"
Dontinterruptme.pngDo not interupt vest
glowcap.jpgGlowcap medication reminder
hyGreen.jpg HyGreen Hand hygiene system
starsyringebroken.jpgStar Syringe eliminates reuse
handwashing_gate.jpgHand washing gate
Ampoule_holder.JPG Syringe mounted ampoule holder
Oral_Care_Board.JPG Oral care board
NG_Tube_Connector.JPG NG Tube connections
Red_Plug.JPG Red Electrical Plug
Yellow_Tubing.JPG Yellow tubing for epidural meds
lap_sponges2b.jpg Radio Frequency Identification of Sponges
ClearCount-wand.jpgRFID Sponge Counter
handwash_detector.jpg Hand Washing Detection

prohibited.jpgClearRX Medicine Bottle
invirostripe_label_syringe.jpgLabel Syringe
shrinkwrap1.JPG Shrink wrapping paralyzing mediciations
burn.jpg Don't get burned
Face Sheet
Electro-cautery Machine
Color-coded slippers
Spring loaded self-blunting syringe (video )

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